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Helping From Home

We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy, safe, and strong during these challenging times.  Thank you to those who have already reached out in support of our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles or the COVID-19 Impact Fund through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  We are grateful for our financial support, in-kind donations, and offers to help from home.

As the top-rated Children’s hospital in the western United States, CHLA is rising to the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic with proactive and comprehensive services for all of its young patients and their families. These services include screening every member of our clinical team, providing care, and performing round-the-clock testing for patients so that we can continue to provide life-saving treatments for the most critical medical conditions.

Each day, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles relies on the support of the community to deliver its mission of creating hope and building healthier futures for children. CHLA needs your help now, more than ever, as its caregivers on the front lines face this unprecedented public health crisis.

There are many ways you can help from your home:

  1. Please share any connections you may have to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – this includes masks (professionally manufactured, unused, unopened surgical masks and N95 respirators; unopened packages of non-latex, non-powdered disposable medical exam gloves, unopened packages of disposable vinyl gloves for cleaning/food services; protective eyewear (packaged, unused protective goggles), face shields (disposable or reusable full-face shields); medical gowns (all types of adult and pediatric gowns); and sanitizers and cleaning products (unopened containers) – hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, isopropyl alcohol, and/or bleach.  You can mail, deliver, or have these items picked up.
  2. Make homemade masks.  We are able to provide mask kits to those interested in sewing masks.  You can then mail these masks back to the hospitals.  We can distribute them to non-medical staff.  Please follow these CHLA_Homemade Mask Guidelines.
  3. Use your time to help us plan for future campaigns. We’re in the process of creating a virtual focus group.  This group would meet a couple of times a month and give their feedback on a variety of topics including, what’s important to me as a corporate volunteer, how can the CHLA corporate team support my campaign, etc.?
  4. Helping us to secure donations of food for our frontline team.  If you know of any restaurants, companies, or individuals that would like to sponsor a meal(s) for those working, please let us know.  We are looking for 20-3,000 meals.
  5. Supporting our front line staff with messages of hope, strength, and resilience.  More than ever, our teams are working around the clock to provide the best possible environment for our patients and families.  Sending a heartful note of gratitude and thanks would be appreciated.
  6. Make patient activity kits.  This includes coloring books, crayons, stickers, playdough, to keep a child occupied during their stay.  If you are interested in this option, we’ll provide you with a list of approved materials for inside the kits.


We are grateful every day for the support of the community, for the compassion and dedication of our clinical teams and for the commitment of all who continue to shine a bright light during these difficult times.  Please let us know how we can support you too at