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Extra Life Spotlight: Team LEGIT

Less than 3 weeks to Game Day! Today the team spotlight will be featuring Team LEGIT ( They’re heading into their 7th year of Extra Life, making Team LEGIT one of the longest lasting teams in the Extra Life Los Angeles community 🙌. Check out their responses to the team questionaire.

  1. What is your team’s origin story and/or the origin of your team name?

Our team name, LEGIT is named after a printing company my brother and I started back in 2009, we offer no fluff, no hidden fees printing service and we love it. We also happen to love Star Wars and video games, so Extra Life was perfect

  1. What has been your team’s best Extra Life moment?

One year the team I worked on at Google was asking if there were charities that we were passionate about. I mentioned my Extra Life campaign. Next thing I know, we had $2K donation and on top of that Google policy is to match donations! So $4k from google, for the kids 🙂

  1. What is your team’s go-to streaming snack/beverage?

Our goto snack is probably dried mango

  1. What is your team’s favorite game to stream?

Rocket league is pretty high up there, battlefield is very close second


We are @ChildrensLA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter